Why the Use of Adjustable Beds is Good for Your Snoring Habits and Sleep Apnea?

If anyone who is fast asleep starts snoring, it will create a process that will stall his breathing for a brief moment. People who snore may not be conscious about it. However, one of its downsides is that his body and its systems are not actually resting as it should. 

This explains the reason why people who snore at night tend to complain in the morning that they still feel tired and lethargic. Even though they are just fully aware that they have just woken up.

A curious mind would want to know from here, what do a person’s sleeping position and adjustable beds have to do with this condition

According to one research made about sleep apnea, people who suffer from this condition and are instructed to sleep in a horizontal position on their back will lead them to have an apnea index that is two times as high as any other participants in the study (they were instructed to sleep in other positions.).

Necessary Conditions to Reduce Snoring with an Adjustable or Reclining Bed

We need to bear in mind that an adjustable bed may not become an effective tool in reducing snoring habits if some conditions are not met. We have below some important points we need to make firsthand. 


Even if you snore very lightly, these will impact your condition in a positive way.  

Keep away from unhealthy habits. 

The things that seem to stand out the most among the many causes of snoring are drinking alcohol and smoking. 

Scientific research and investigation in the past prove the strong association of sleep apnea to smoking and drinking alcohol. Smokers have higher odds of snoring when they go to sleep at night. This goes by at least 30-40% more than non-smokers. 

Take a look at this research here. It will show you how higher levels of alcohol consumption can increase your risk to have sleep apnea. Drinking alcohol increases your risk to snore at night by at least 25%. 

The said study also showed that alcohol has a relaxing effect on the muscles. This centers primarily to the muscles that facilitate proper breathing and may thus lead to the obstruction of the air path. If this happens, it will manifest to us in the form of the sound of snoring, regardless of the person’s sleeping position.  

Sleep habits and hygiene

Research shows that good hygiene and sleep habits can significantly help in improving the chances of a patient to break free from snoring. 

An hour before retiring yourself to bed, see to it that you will avoid the following: 

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Having strong feelings or emotions such as anger
  • Inadequate climate conditions like temperature and humidity.  

Diet and Exercise

What researchers found out recently about obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is that it is directly related to being overweight. In the adult population, the prevalence of OSA is believed to be at 25%. But this figure increases to at least 45% higher in obese subjects.  

Capitalize on the Zero Gravity Position

The use of adjustable beds can work to the advantage of anyone who snores while asleep. It allows you to benefit from the zero-gravity sleep position.

Otherwise referred to as the neutral body position, this sleep position was conceptualized  with space travel in mind. However, it was proven to be of significant benefit if we put this into practice here on earth, and people who snore are on the receiving end here. 

If you will set your adjustable or reclining bed to the zero-gravity position, it will have your legs and head raised to the right level just above your stomach. This works to the benefit of the body because it will help in mitigating pressure on your back. Sleeping in this position will help improve the flow of blood in your body. By which process, it will alleviate the pressure off your heart. 

People who snore will benefit also from the zero gravity position because it helps in promoting proper weight distribution to the body, which aids in opening up and clearing your airways. 

While it may take some time to get used to this kind of position during your sleep,  it will not take a lot of time for you to see what kind of transformative effect it will have on you as far as the quality of sleep is concerned.