What is a Booster for WiFi Antenna?

A Wi-Fi antenna signal booster improves the coverage area of a WiFi network by boosting or amplifying existing or nearby signals. It makes it possible for all wireless devices inside the extended coverage area to establish a connection to the Internet or another wireless network.

Who needs a WiFi antenna booster or extender?

The existing wifi coverage in your area is a clear indicator of whether a Wi-Fi booster is a good investment or a necessity. If you find that different locations in your home or business premises have exceptionally poor wireless fidelity, then a WiFi extender will prove to be a lifesaver. It is a practical investment to make since it saves you money from acquiring additional cables and costly networking equipment such as switches and hubs.


The use of WiFi boosters has become popular because they are significantly helpful in improving signal reach or coverage. The transmission will be smoother as the reception is bounced through more spaces. This allows your children to enjoy using their gaming consoles, or work on Internet-based ventures in many different areas of your home or your office building. 

It is important to know that an unstable or weak connection to a network could be due to the router being out of range in some areas of the house or there is an obstruction in the form of thick walls. There is also a possibility that bulky pieces of furniture could be getting in the way of the wireless signal. 

Such aforementioned issues can be fixed by taking advantage of a Wi-Fi booster. This type of networking device captures wireless transmission from your router or access point and transmits it to the wireless user.

What is Required? 

You must have a functioning broadband WiFi Internet connection to make the most of any Wi-Fi antenna booster device. Regardless of whether the connection is extremely unstable or weak, it should be there.

This indicates that a wireless router or access point would already be present if this is the case. You can either have your access point integrated with your router, or you can simply link your router to an existing wired network if one is available.

WiFi Extender and WiFi Repeater, Are They The Same? 

While it is evident that Wi-Fi extenders and Wi-Fi repeaters share something in common, they are also distinct in many aspects and one of which is their behavior. A WiFi extender acts as an extension and makes use of an existing WiFi signal from a router and relays it to your device, say, a computer or mobile phone.

Let us cite an example here to show you how this works. Say that you have an initial network, and we’ll refer to this as “WirelessNet1.” With the help of a network booster, it is possible to get a new network name in the form of “WirelessNet2.” 

Your equipment (laptop or desktop computer) needs to bind itself to “WirelessNet2” just so you can access the Web. 

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One thing that makes the Wi-Fi repeater distinct from the WiFi extender is it is not being affected by nearby Wi-Fi signals. A repeater device for a WiFi antenna can replicate the signal while being relayed to a wireless network.

It signifies that you will be using the same wireless network ID you used when you first connected. It is also noteworthy to point out that a large number of boosters doubled up as a Wi-Fi repeater.


If you seriously want to have seamless WiFi coverage at home or workplace, taking advantage of a WiFi booster is a practical choice because you can mount it in no time. In order to place the WiFi extender correctly, remember that it should be positioned halfway between where the Wi-Fi mysteriously vanishes, referred to as the dead zone, and the router.

So, your increased bandwidth and signal intensity would target the place that is having issues with Wi-Fi. Through using a Wi-Fi repeater or booster, your laptops, tablets, and smartphones will all be able to link to the network with less interruption.