What Are The Different Types of Drilling Rigs for Sale in Australia?

Much like in other countries, there are many different types of drilling rigs for sale in Australia. Oil drilling rigs are protective structures that can house equipment which may include drill bits, derrick, and cables. All these materials are essentially used in extracting raw petroleum from beneath the surface of the earth. 

Oil drilling rigs can be installed either on the ocean floor or land (land-based). While both of these locations have been delivering significant amounts of raw petroleum products to the market, the general public is more accustomed to seeing the offshore type of drilling. 


Jackups are movable drilling structures, they are most often applied for offshore drilling operations. The main deck area or hull is usually supported by open-truss legs and can drill down to the ground for up to 350 feet deep.  

In a jackup type of drilling rig, there are mainly 2 kinds of drilling machines being used. The cantilevered jackup is considered as the most used. Its drilling derrick is mounted on an arm, this will extend out of the main deck. With this, you can perform your drilling operation with or without the use of platforms.  

Another type of jackup drill rig, otherwise known as keyway jackup or slot-type, is equipped with a drilling deck opening and over it, the derrick is stably installed. You can jack up this type of drilling unit over another smaller structure.  


The floater type of drilling rigs for sale in Australia is sometimes referred to as semi-submersible drilling units. With the help of giant and hollow pontoons or columns, they can be filled with some water so that the rig can be submerged to a particular depth. You will normally see this kind of rig when drilling for Wildcat wells or new wells. This type of drilling rig is capable of withstanding rough and violent seas.  

Fixed Platforms

Fixed platforms, as the name itself suggests, are immobile cement or steel structures. They also house drilling rigs that are used in developing new wells. Aside from those, they also protect equipment and crew and are directly linked to the ocean floor. A fixed platform type of drilling rig is usually installed on continental shelves up to a maximum depth of 1,700 feet deep. You can attach their directional drilling capability to numerous wells.  


This type of drill rig is usually installed on tanker hulls. They are normally equipped with drilling equipment and are practically utilized in deep water exploration for purposes of experimental drilling. Dynamic positioning systems are in place to help in keeping the ship stable over the well. 

Complaint Towers 

The complaint tower is another kind of offshore drilling rig. It comes with a narrow but flexible tower. The structure comes with a piled foundation to support it. The conventional deck will operate both the production and drilling. The unit is capable of sustaining deflections and lateral forces in the water, even if the depth is 1,500 to 3,000 feet deep already.