What are the Different Types of Drill Rigs for Sale in Australia?

What is an oil drilling rig? These installations are a qualified housing structure for drilling equipment such as the pipe, drill bits, derrick, and cables. Every single one of them has a crucial role in extracting petroleum from underneath the earth’s surface. 

Oil drill rigs for sale in Australia can be installed either as a land-based type or as an offshore rig drilling into the ocean floor. While both bring in an enormous amount of raw oil into the petroleum market, the public eye has been centered mostly on offshore drilling rigs due to the oil spill incident off the Louisiana coast in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.  

offshore drilling
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They are not only useful in drawing petroleum from beneath the earth, but the construction and building industry can benefit a great deal from their use in building foundation construction. 

In much the same way, they can be helpful also when constructing airports, bridges, and roadbeds too. They all require strong foundations to be laid out first before building proper can begin and drill rigs can be extremely helpful in that aspect. 

Drill rigs for sale in Australia come in many types, the most suitable of which can be chosen with respect to the available task at hand. Classifications for drilling rigs can carry out different attributes, factors, and sometimes with respect to accompanying technology, too.   


Jackup-types are a favorite for offshore drilling operations. Their mobile drilling structures come with accompanying bottom support systems. The main deck area or the hull can be supported by open-truss legs or columnar supports. Their drilling power can help you to as far as 350 feet deep.  

In the jack up system, there are 2 kinds of drilling equipment that can be used for this purpose. One of which is the cantilevered jack-up. This one is most used and most recent, where the drilling derrick can be installed on an arm that extends out from the main deck. This makes it possible to perform drilling operations even when there is no platform available.  

The keyway jackup is the second type here. Sometimes referred to as slot-type, this comes with drilling deck openings. The derrick is positioned over it. You can jack up this particular kind of drilling unit over another smaller structure, so you can drill down the earth via its hull.  


These are semi-submersible drilling units, they can float offshore and hence the name. They come equipped with giant pontoons or hollow columns. When they are filled with water, they will help the rig submerge to a particular depth. This type of rig is ideally useful in withstanding rough seas.  

Fixed Platforms

Fixed platforms are cement structures that can help in opening new development wells. Aside from this, these units can be used also in housing equipment and crew. They are also connected to the ocean floor 

It is not unusual to see them on continental shelves to a depth of around 1,700 feet. And because of their directional drilling capacity, you can attach them to many different kinds of wells that are up to a 5-mile radius.  

Compliant Towers

The complaint tower is another classification of offshore drill rigs for sale in Australia. They come with a narrow but flexible tower that is supported by a piled foundation. The conventional deck is capable of operating both production and drilling work. 

As a sturdy unit, it is capable of sustaining deflections and lateral forces in water, starting from a depth of 1500 to 3500 feet.  


Drillships are usually fitted with drilling devices. They are the drill rig of choice when it comes to experimental drilling in deep waters. Dynamic positioning systems are responsible for keeping the ship over the well.  

Wrapping Up!

Selecting the best drilling rig is of paramount importance, regardless of the drilling work your project requires. Knowing what your available options are will increase your chances of identifying the best drilling rig to use.