FYI: CNC Machines

What is a CNC MACHINE?

Computer Numeric Control popularly called as CNC are the automated milling machines which plays a vital role in manufacturing of industrial components without a human touch. Generally CNC Machines function with a series of instructions that are delivered to an internal computer controller with the help of CNC Software. The numerical control programming language is being taken care by CNC Software. The code which is used to run a CMC Machine is called as G_Code. In fact G-Code is a part of programming language of the CNC Software. G-Code gives all the instruction for the proper CNC machining i.e to hold and engage the machining tool in order to cut and shape metal to certain specifications. The entire series of code that is being used by a CNC Software also include M-codes and T-Codes. In fact the Tooling speed and feed controls are dictated by S-Codes and F-Code where as , Y, and Z-codes determine absolute position.



The concept of CNC Machine was originated in the early 1960 in U.S. by a trade organization. In the earlier days the use of CNC Machine are restricted to the manufacturing industry only but with the passing days CNC Milling has got an extensive use across all the industry. With the development of CNC Machining the latest models of CNC Machines were programmed via mainframe cables and floppy disks, which permitted variations in programming. In today’s date all most all the CNC Machines are being controlled by “.NC” extension CNC Software. In fact the file extension for CNC Machining varies with each machine shop, depending on its ISO certification protocols. Motion control, Programmable accessories, Automation tool changer, Spindle speed activation and coolant are the various parts of a CNC Milling machine.


When it comes to CNC Machining it has several parts like Vice, Guard, Chuck, Motor, Lathe Bed, Waterjet Cutting tool and light. In today’s date CNC Machine has crossed another milestone to encompass entire “cells” of tooling machines which operate independently of each other in turn it will increase the output to many folds. The interesting part of a CNC Machine is that the use of CNC machine can be customized as per the requirement.