Do You Need to Have the Hardware to Use the Jamboard Online App?

Jamboard Google is a qualified interactive digital whiteboard. The original intention of Google is to use this whiteboard tool to cater to the needs of the business sector, particularly for use in meetings, conferences, and presentations, facilitating a higher, improved form of collaboration during such events.  

traditional whiteboard

Despite the fact that Jamboard Google is a hardware product offering, it is not a prerequisite for anyone to take good advantage of and enjoy the use of the Jamboard online app.  

To set the record straight, do we need to have the hardware first to be able to use the Jamboard? 

It is a yes and also a no. You can get the Jamboard online app by downloading it on your device such as smartphones, tablets, and even on a browser with the Jamboard app. If there is any drawback that we can identify here from working on a Jamboard-less Jam session is you are missing out on a whole lot of things about it.

There is indeed a world of difference when you can experience how it is to use this remarkable technology in all its full glory. This is the only way you can have a full appreciation for it.

There is no harm done to be done if you are intending to get away from the hardware itself. However, doing so would bar you from having easy and seamless access to shape and handwriting recognition. Although you will still retain your access to all the other collaboration tools and features of Jamboard such as the Sticky Notes as well the other markup tools.  

There is one requirement though for this. You need to ensure that your Google account is linked with at least one of the G-Suite platforms. Clicking on the plus sign (+) will initiate a new Jam session.  


If you want to collaborate with others, look for the “Share” button, and click on it. You can find it in the top-right corner. 

Similar to how you would usually handle any Google file, the link can be copied for distribution to other collaborators in the session. Alternatively, you can also input their email address if you invite them to your active Jam session. Anyone you have granted edit access can add anything to the current and active Jam session with other collaborators. 

The Jamboard interactive whiteboard system is a 55-inch 4K touchscreen device. It comes equipped with16 simultaneous touchpoints. Besides, it is also Wi-Fi-enabled so you can get connected on the Web in no time. Plus, as mentioned above it boasts shape and handwriting recognition features, too. 

If you will have your unit, you may check out the full HD webcam first, or the HDMI port and USB-C with micro-USB inputs. It should also come with 2 styluses. The rolling stand for this digital whiteboard is optional only, or you can mount your Jamboard on one of the walls inside your conference room.