Checklist for CNC Cutting Machine Preventive Maintenance

What usually comes to mind when you hear the words “preventive maintenance” for CNC cutting machines? If you understand the real value of these pieces of equipment to your business interests, shutting them out of production is enough to make you cringe just at the thought of it. 

If you happen to own such pieces of industrial equipment for your business and you are meticulous enough to know that good upkeep practices are essential to optimize their longevity and thus maximize their production value for your company, you will understand that proper maintenance and care for it is part and parcel of making them last longer. 

Below is a compilation of some of the most effective preventive maintenance tips that will surely make your CNC machine cutting tools run at their peak performance while keeping an unplanned downtime situation at bay.  

Daily Care and Maintenance Tips for Your CNC Machine

  • Make it a habit to always check out the hydraulic pressure and see that it is set at 4.5 MPa. 
  • Check out also the hydraulic fluid and determine if they are just at the right level. 
  • Inspect your chuck pressure, this should always be at the right operating pressure. If you deem it is necessary to grease your chuck, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on this part.  
  • Replenish your lube level whenever needs, and see to it that your machine does have adequate amounts of it. 
  • If your CNC cutting machine for wood, steel, or for any material you may use it for, is equipped with its cooling mechanism, make sure that the cooling unit is always set at the right operating level. 
  • Make it a habit to clean and clear the chip pan of chips. 
  • Always practice cleaning the window of the door and light, this should help see what is inside your machine.  
  • You need to wipe clean your stainless steel way covers. Lubricating them with hydraulic is highly advised so they will move smoothly. 

At the lapse of 40 hours, get your filter out from the CNC control cabinet and thoroughly clean it. By this measure, you will optimize the air flowing through it which will help in cooling the machine down.  

Every Quarter of the Year 

At the end of 3 months, which is equivalent to about 500 hours, make it a habit to observe the following: 

  • Inspect the chip conveyor chain and apply grease to it as necessary. 
  • Check out your machine’s coolant tank filters and clean them as necessary.  

Every Six Months

  • Six months would be equivalent to 1,000 hours. During this time, you will need to reach out to your local distributor to carry out the following preventive maintenance measures. 
  • Check out the coolant tank for the presence of chips, sludge, and oil. 
  • Drain the hydraulic tank and replenish the hydraulic oil with something new and fresher. Additionally, you will also need to have it’s suction filter replaced. 
  • Clean the radiator and see to it that its fins are straight. 
  • Drain and clean out the lubrication unit before applying a fresh way lube. 
  • If your machine comes with its cooling unit, you can have it drained and refilled.  
  • Verify your machine’s leveling and make necessary adjustments. 
  • Check out your machine’s wipers and look for any fray or damage. They should be replaced immediately if they are damaged.

Anti Slip Tiles: The Importance of Treatment and Caution Wet Floor

Among the main attractions in any house is the flooring. Attractive flooring increases the home’s appeal. Good thing that there are now a lot of ways to make this happen. At present, customers have to many flooring options to choose from.


Out of all the options available in the market today, the one with tiles is often the preferred choice. Whether its for office interior or at home, this choice makes so many people happy. While tiles add charm and beauty to the interior of a home, there are instances when they too become a reason for worry. 

Some accidents could take place due to slippery floors in commercial and residential spaces.​

This problem should be handled properly and one way to do this is by using a specific treatment for anti slip tiles.​

anti slip coating for tile

Caution Wet Floor

Have you ever considered putting up this kind of banner? If you see people who try their best to strike a balance and spare themselves from having a bad experience of slipping off, this you should consider putting up this one. 


Caution wet floor and anti slip tiles treatment help prevent people to get injured from accidents that are caused by slipping. It is highly recommended to take preventive measures ahead of time before anything serious and dangerous could happen.

Choosing the Best Options 

Today’s market has a multitude of options to offer when it comes to anti-slip treatments and caution wet floor. This also means that there is an increasing number of companies and brands that claim to offer the best options and solutions. 


When finding one for your needs, it is important to find one that is only considered a solution, but one that is indeed effective and easy on the pocket at the same time. 


There are brands and companies that also offer on-site floor assessment and demonstration of the products they offer on tiles of an interior. This helps demonstrate the treatment’s anti slip capability and that of caution wet floor on first-hand basis to their potential customers. This demonstration is free of cost. 


Another advantage that are offered by these companies to their clients are the non-abrasive qualities of their products to the skin and being foot-friendly and many more benefits.


It is very noticeable that people now have higher standards of living across the world. This is brought about by the improving choice of good flooring and interior design options. Tiles have indeed offered the biggest changes in the homes of people and making sure that it serves its purpose right should be your role. Aside from aesthetic value, safety should be guaranteed to prevent people from suffering any injury caused by slip and fall accidents.